Covid Resources for Women

Covid-19 pandemic in 2021 has been especially harder on women. So many have lost their partners and breadwinners and others, their livelihoods.

Here is a list of resources, initiated by some fantastic people offering a range of support from financial support to skill building and job opportunities.

Thanks to every one of you doing this great service.

Please do write to us for any additions/ corrections

List of Resources & People

They intiated "Not Alone" for women who lost their life partners anyone who was their main source of income during COVID.

Contact: Reema Sen

To help women who are looking for financial and career help to support themselves and their young children.

Contact: Whatsapp

  • Anjali Gulati people konnet: Mail (For women looking to get back into the workforce)

  • PakkaProfile - Edtech sector- roles in online tutoring, customer service and sales.

Contact: +91 6361546996

Offers training, coaching, continuing education, research and empowering people to realise their true potential.

  • StartupLanes - For women with no experience or specific skills,on the job training with pay.

  • US NGO : for girls & women in STEM

  • Celebrating Life -NGO (Resume, mentorship/ interviews/upskilling)

Contact - Shammy (

  • Reboot : An Equity & Inclusion Strategist Firm for women returning to work LinkedIn Website

  • goWin - A special job placement initiative that aims to help women financially impacted by covid'19.

Website :

  • Subah - A COVID widow support group to provide practical advice on paperwork, legal/ financial advice, career counselling run by Yoshita Swarup Sharma.

Facebook Group: