Covid Care Mitra

Overwhelmed? Anxious? Grieving? Scared? Stressed? You do not have to struggle alone. Reach out to us at Covid Care Mitra. Message us in telegram at COVIDCARE MITRA OR register and we will get in touch

Covid Care Mitra is an initiative for self care and community care

One of the greatest falls outs of the pandemic is social isolation. Our social circles often form a great support system and navigating these testing times with that gone is extremely challenging.

With this need in mind we have launched Covid Care Mitra where volunteers will offer phone based support for any one dealing with covid.

Please do register especially if you live alone.

What can we do for you?

  • We will give you a call to check on you

  • We will check in on you until your COVID situation is resolved

  • We don’t book hospital beds. We don't deliver anything. But, we can point you to resources or make a request of your behalf.

  • We can’t directly help you with supplies your hospital might need. But, we can point you to where such requests can be made or make a request on your behalf.

  • We cannot take up caring for minor children who are alone. We can escalate the request to ensure legally appropriate support is provided

  • We are just a friendly voice on the other end of the phone, to make it a little easier to sail through this time

Register For Help

You could be a caregiver, a volunteer recovering from COVID or could have lost someone close to you.

Or you could just be overwhelmed by all that is unraveling around us.

Send a Telegram message to COVIDCare Mitra or register here

A volunteer will call to check on you.

We are a community and we will get through this as a community.

You can also reach us on Instagram (@COVIDCareMitra), Twitter (@COVIDMitra) and Facebook Messenger (@Mitra)

Join us as a Volunteer

*We are not taking more volunteers at this point. Please check back by 20 May 2021*

We are in need of proactive volunteers who can serve as a helping hand to the people who are in need for help amidst this pandemic across the country.

At this phase - you are required to provide only tele-checking.

Register here to join hands with us.

A Checklist for Covid'19 Preparation

Don’t wait until COVID gets to you. Please check your readiness.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you know where your health records are?

  • Who is your emergency contact in your city if you are ill?

  • Do you have a physician you can tele-consult with?

  • Do you know all possible symptoms for COVID-19?

And prepare

  • Keep a document of food allergies and medications that you take

  • List down 2 emergency contacts and speak to them to make sure they know that they are your emergency support

  • Share all your test report copies and status updates with your emergency contacts

  • Keep some finances ready and share details with your emergency contact as appropriate and necessary

  • Know the symptoms

  • First level medication ready (talk to a doctor)

  • Know a list of doctors you can call for teleconsultation

  • Know a list of providers you can rely on for food delivery in your locality

  • Check on friends and neighbours who can support with childcare

  • Check on someone who can support with caring for your pet


  1. The data collected during the registration is only used to arrange help to your respective needs by our volunteers

  2. Please be aware that this is forum for help run completely by volunteers. Please respect everyone's time and boundaries. Any abuse of any sort will be reported.